Roe May Have Fallen,
We W
ill Not.

Message From the CEO & Board Chair

For nearly 60 years, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest has thrived because supporters like you share our vision of a world where sexual and reproductive rights are basic human rights. It’s a vision and purpose powerful enough to withstand the most difficult of years, driving our commitment to provide compassionate care to the people of San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial — and beyond — no matter what.

As the demand for services has grown, so have we. This past year our network of health centers added our largest facility to date, the Kearny Mesa Joan & Irwin Jacobs Health Center. Our 19 health centers served 121,190 patients this year, providing birth control, cancer screenings, STI testing and treatment, abortion, gender-affirming hormone therapy, coordinated care for patients whose needs go beyond sexual and reproductive health care, and so much more.

We also expanded our community outreach. Our educators reached 21,181 young people, teachers, and families through in-person sessions and via Sex Ed To-Go, our online sexual education and training platform. And our formidable advocacy team took every opportunity to deepen and expand access to reproductive rights and accurate information.

In June, the Supreme Court’s gutting of Roe vs. Wade set off a devastating wave of abortion bans and restrictions nationwide, along with chaos and confusion surrounding who could access and provide safe and legal care. With California’s strong reproductive rights protections, our affiliate is in a critical position to support the many millions of people who have suddenly been stripped of access to care, a calling we are proud and prepared to answer.

We would not be able to do this work without the remarkable conviction and commitment of our staff. Their dedication to providing expert care is simply unmatched, and the reason we continue to stand strong and thrive.

In a year marked by unprecedented challenges, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest was also the recipient of record philanthropic support, including the largest gift in our affiliate’s history. These investments will enable our affiliate to continue thoughtfully growing our services, infrastructure, and patient base, and meet future challenges with confidence.

Meeting this moment will require resilience, courage, and bold vision. These are the building blocks of this affiliate and this movement. With your support, we are moving forward with intention and a renewed commitment to fulfill the promise of our mission.

In solidarity,

Darrah DiGiorgio Johnson,
President & CEO

James Williamson,
Chair, Board of Directors

“I am going to shout my abortion so that others who are having abortions or had abortions know they’re not alone. Your abortion is not a taboo or a deep, dark secret; abortion is health care.”

Patient Demographics




*Percentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding.

Summary of Telehealth Services

Masoud, Lead Clinician at Imperial Valley Homan Center
“I was born and raised in Afghanistan, a country where health care is considered a privilege, therefore I have always wanted to serve underserved communities. I love working in IV because we get to serve people who really, really need us. For instance, not many people in Imperial Valley have access to gender-affirming hormone therapy or pre-exposure prophylaxis for HIV and we are able to provide those services for them.”

Health Center Services

236,832Total Health Center Patient Visits
Diana, Volunteer,
Chula Vista
“I decided to volunteer with Planned Parenthood because I am interested in public health and addressing barriers to access in my community. The Supreme Court decision was a wakeup call to stand up for the reproductive rights of my community”

Year In Review

Historic Blow to Reproductive Health Care

After the U.S. Supreme Court stripped away the constitutional right to an abortion in June 2022, abortion in many states across the country was thrown into a legal quagmire. While abortion remains safe and legal in California, a staggering number of people across the country have lost their right and access to this basic health care service. At our affiliate, we saw a large increase in the number of out-of-state patients after the decision. We were able to provide this surge of patients with appointments within days because we had spent more than a year planning the expansion of abortion care access.

California’s Extraordinary Legislative Victory Protects Abortion Care

While many states passed laws making abortion illegal, California passed a historic package of laws and made a $200-million investment to protect abortion access. In all, 56 legislative bills were signed into law to further protect access to abortion care, patient and youth rights, bodily autonomy, improving health equity and decreasing health care cost for all Californians.

This has been a devastating year for reproductive rights. People of color, immigrants and refugees, young folks, LGBTQ+ people, people with low incomes, and those who live in rural areas will bear the brunt of these horrendous abortion bans.”

-Vernita Gutierrez, Vice President of External Affairs
The days I spend providing abortion care are the most rewarding days I have spent as a physician. At Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest we will continue to serve all patients who seek our full scope of sexual and reproductive health care services, including abortion, no matter which state they come from. We will be here, we are not backing down and we will not turn patients away.”

-Dr. Antionette Marengo, Chief Medical Officer
The Dobbs decision, in giving the power to regulate abortion back to the states, has led to chaos across the country for patients, providers and legal analysts. While abortion is safe and legal in California, we do not exist in a bubble. People are coming to us from states where abortion is illegal or restricted and we have to contend with the laws of each of these states to protect our providers and the agency. We are only beginning to understand the impact of these draconian laws that exist in many other states, but this turmoil won’t stop us from doing everything we can to meet the needs of patients who need access to abortion.”

-Tracy Skaddan, General Counsel
We unfortunately saw the writing on the wall and our clinical, operations, training, navigation, education, marketing and security teams had all hands on deck to ensure we were ready to expand access to abortion care and support to anyone who needed it. After the Dobbs decision, we have still been able to maintain same- or next-day access to abortion care in almost all of our health centers.”

-Lori Keim, Vice President of Business Development
For many of our patients, traveling out of state is incredibly difficult. They are anxious. They don’t know where to turn. There have been a lot of tears. Our team had to step up after Roe fell and make sure that hundreds of patients traveling to California from Arizona and other states had access to abortion care.”

-Tessa Hemmi, Care Coordination Manager

Standing Up for Abortion Care

Thousands of people rallied and marched at events in our three-county region showing the strength of our movement and our determination to ensure all people have access to abortion care in the face of outrageous attacks on this basic health care service.

Care Coordination Helps Patients Overcome Unfair Hurdles

As the hurdles to getting safe, affordable abortion care mounted this year for millions in states across the country, our Care Coordination team expanded to meet the needs of our most vulnerable patients. Many patients from Arizona, Texas, and other locations often faced an hours-long drive or flight and needed help navigating care from far away. In the month after Roe fell, we provided Care Coordination services for 210 out-of-state patients including connecting them to financial resources, providing assistance on travel, and other forms of help they needed and deserved.

Alyssa Dawson, Care Coordinator
“Our team helped a patient from Texas who needed an abortion. She was overwhelmed trying to figure out how she would afford travel costs, where she would stay for the procedure, and who would be able to watch her children while she was away. After connecting with Care Coordination, our team provided support for getting to and from her appointment through our Rideshare program. We also offered hotel accommodations so she would have a safe place to recover. I’m proud that our team was able to eliminate some of her stress.”

Kearny Mesa Home to Biggest San Diego Center, First Training Facility

In November 2021, we opened our newest and largest health center in San Diego with 13 patient care rooms equipped to see 17,000 patient visits each year, double the previous Kearny Mesa health center’s capacity.

The center was named for San Diego philanthropists Joan and Irwin Jacobs, longtime supporters of Planned Parenthood’s mission to ensure broad public access to sexual and reproductive health care. The Jacobses made a landmark $10-million gift to our affiliate in 2022, providing invaluable support at a time when expanding center capacity and preparing to see more patients is critical.

Adjacent to the health center, we also opened the state-of-the-art Grant Rose Wilson Training Center, our first space dedicated to the education of reproductive health care providers.

Darrah DiGiorgio Johnson, President & CEO
“This training center is a groundbreaking advance for our affiliate. Not only will the centralization of training enable our health center staff to see thousands more patients each year, but we’ll be educating and inspiring the next generation of compassionate providers.”

Significant Gift Helps Overcome Operational Challenges

In a year marked by challenges, Planned Parenthood was honored to receive a significant gift from Gwendolyn Sontheim, a stalwart advocate for reproductive rights and access to care. This funding was critical to helping our affiliate overcome the operational setbacks incurred during the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to invest in the retention and support of our hardworking staff.

Historic Donation Supports Public Health Equity Across the Country

In March 2022, Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced a $275-million donation from MacKenzie Scott with a portion going directly to our affiliate. This support comes at a time when access to sexual and reproductive health care is under attack like never before, especially access to abortion. Thanks to this generous gift, our affiliate was ready and able to accept patients from Arizona and beyond when the U.S. Supreme Court took away the constitutional right to abortion in June 2022.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Building Together

Putting Belonging and Equity at the Heart of Our Mission

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest continues our work making sure equity and inclusion are at the core of who we are as an organization.

In the last year, we launched our Patient Experience and Health Equity Steering Committee, centered our new strategic plan around equity and belonging, and developed dashboards for reviewing clinical outcomes by demographic and regional data. We also upgraded electronic health records to better capture data on sexual orientation and gender identity.

We are now ready to set more concrete goals, assess progress and gaps, develop a more structured plan, and move toward wider accountability.

Celebrating diversity and prioritizing equity in all that we do is a long journey. It takes time and courage to recognize and dismantle systems that don’t serve our communities, and even more vision, discipline, rigor, compassion, and fortitude to build new, more inclusive and equitable models for our organization. It is critical that we lean on our In This Together values while we continue to hold ourselves and each other accountable. It is important, too, that we remember that grace, kindness, humility, and patience — combined with a clear sense of purpose, will guide us on our journey.

Learn more about our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at

59th Anniversary: Ready. Resilient. Brave.

Over 400 people attended Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest’s 59th Anniversary. Though the event was smaller than usual due to the pandemic, it still made an enormous impact: nearly $1.3 million was raised for our services and programs, a phenomenal showing in a challenging year.

Members of the Honorary Committee and their guests gathered at Omni La Costa Resort and Spa to stand with Planned Parenthood, raising more than $358,000 thanks to a generous anonymous supporter's match challenge. Chaired by James Williamson and Geoff Kors, the evening was a celebration of our movement’s resilience and a rallying cry to continue fighting for a future where all people can determine their life’s path. Writer Merritt Tierce delivered thought-provoking remarks about her own unplanned pregnancy, which she wrote about in the groundbreaking New York Times Magazine essay “The Abortion I Didn’t Have.”

Reel Women’s Film Festival Brings Supporters Together

The Reel Women’s Film Festival was held in a virtual, streaming format in 2021, bringing together supporters throughout our tri-county region and beyond over the course of two weeks for an impactful film lineup. The event showcased three engaging feature films and raised more than $65,000 to support high-quality, compassionate sexual and reproductive health care services. This festival is preparing to mark its 10th anniversary this year. Visit to learn more!

reel women's film festival logo

Working Woman movie posterSisters movie posterblanka movie poster

Planned Parenthood Pride

We celebrated Pride in San Diego, Riverside, Palm Springs, Imperial County, and Coachella.

reel women's film festival logo

Financial Overview

$141,734,552Total Revenue
$106,368,859Total Expenses


* Contribution revenue includes a $10-million gift that was restricted for future health center expansion and capital projects as well as a $30-million gift that has been subsequently restricted by the Board of Directors for future projects to expand access to care, upgrade facilities and technologies, as well as invest in other mission-based programming. The spending of these unprecedented donations will occur in subsequent fiscal years.

Note that percentages may not add up to 100 due to rounding.

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Health centers in San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial Counties.


People relied on our health centers for sexual and reproductive health care during 236,832 visits.


Patients received mental health care, resources and support for those experiencing intimate partner violence or family violence, and housing support, as well as many other services thanks to the tireless efforts of our Care Coordination staff.


Of our patients would recommend our health centers to their friends and family.



People received sexual and reproductive health information from our Promotorx during 150 sessions in Riverside and Imperial counties.


People received information and education from staff and volunteers at events on sexual and reproductive health including info on how to access care at our health centers.


Courses were taken on Sex Ed To-Go, our online training portal that offers free sex ed courses for students and educators.


Students received in-depth sex ed during 140 sessions and lessons from our educators.


Educators received sex ed trainings from our staff.



Statewide bills supporting our patients’ wellbeing that were lobbied on and signed into law.


Active supporters in San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial counties.


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Volunteers gave 2,054 hours of their time and talent supporting our work in administrative departments, health centers, and community outreach.


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